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Searching the Usenet

The usenet is becoming a hot topic these days, especially with the younger crowd who apparently feels that they should not pay for anything. I am not one to talk, I can certainly remember when napster came along…it was complete pandemonium for a while there.

What I find most interesting is that the usenet still has a community of users, not the ones downloading movies illegally…I am talking about the original use of the usenet…sharing IDEAS. Yeah, having discussions. Imagine that?

Anyway, I remember my old VMS account at SDSU…that was one of the first things I really thought was cool. Today it still is. The only difference is that the tools today are much better. Searching the usenet has never been as easy or as fast.

It will be interesting to see how the next year or two plays out. I am not sure that more than a handful or two of people actually understand exactly how the usenet is built. Time will tell.

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