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I think I need to do a little digging around, but I can’t see to figure out if there is some kind of WordPress.com FAQ. We are actually running MU WordPress over at Streethound.com, but I have no idea how the powers that be have things set up around here. I have a feeling that a higher user level would make extra little goodies show up in my dashboard here. I just saw a really cool sitemap over at Lorelle’s Blog, but apparently he (? sorry) does some work around here…probably has its priviledges. Anyway, if anyone has some docs to point me to that would be great. 🙂 I know, however that there are no docs for MU WordPress as of yet…at least not any publicly available ones.

Lorelle also had some tagging going on. I would love to see how to do that. Maybe I will guess and see if the technorati tag plugin is installed here. Ahh, lookks like there is a technorati deal down in the Custom Fields area. Select technorati from the drop down list or type it into the Key field. That should do the trick.

Well, looks like that is NOT the case. Not sure what that is all about. I bet it has to do with my weak ass user level.  Maybe I need to post on the Kings’ blogs. 

2 thoughts on “WordPress.com FAQ

  1. While I am a volunteer for WordPress, trust me, I get no special priviledges. I created my own “site map” from scratch highlighting the most popular posts to date and a list of the categories. I’ll have an article about how I did it soon, but it isn’t anything special or unique and you can easily do it yourself.

    You can find plenty of helpful information on how to use WordPress Codex and Getting Help with WordPress.com.

    For tagging, check out Adding Technorati Tags to WordPress.com and Tagging Bookmarklet for WordPress and wordpres.com users.

    All categories are automatically marked as tags, so honestly, you really don’t have to add anything if your topic is narrow and you aren’t begging for SEO recognition.

    As wordpress.com continues to be a test site for the next version of WordPress and WordPressMU, do not expect to see any plugin options for a while as the developers need to fix the core programming files, not the problems that some plugins might bring. One step at a time, slowly slowly.

    And don’t forget, this blog is free. You want more, then get an IP and get the full version of WordPress and customize it to the nth degree. That’s the fun of WordPress – you have choices and it is still all free.

  2. jasongolod says:

    Awesome, thanks for stopping by Lorelle. I think maybe you misunderstood my post a little, as I am pretty familiar with standalone WP installs…I have it running on 30+ hosts right now.  I didn’t realize we could use WP.com like Blogger and remote host the physical blogs.  We are also running MU at Streethound and hoping to launch that soon. But, I appreciate your help as I will be checking out your links here in a minute.

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