Terrell Owens – What a Joke

I am never disappointed when I watch television. Last night, I had a great, mellow night with my fiance on the couch, drinking one of our favorite bottles of wine (2004 Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc…big fans of NZ Sauvignon Blanc), some cheese and other tidbits. We watched a couple of episodes of Law and Order and then decided to catch Sports Center for an hour before we headed to bed…yes, Danille likes sports and Sports Center (the latter more than I do). Dr. Dumbass, my new name for Terrell Owens, was all over Sports Center. It seemed as though they could not go 3 minutes without running a video clip of him or one of the Eagles’ staff or players talking about him. Once again, one of the most talented athletes on the face of the planet, is not content being rich, famous and envied by millions. Terrell Owens has to not only “stir the pot,” but he has to just plain show that he is a moron. I am sure there are plenty of people that would read this and say something like, “he makes a hell of a lot more money that you.” Yup, he sure does, and you are a sad person if that is the first thing you thought of. Do all of us a favor and move to Los Angeles if you already don’t live there. Thanks.

Maybe someone can explain it to me. Because, I just can’t seem to figure out why having more money than any one person can really spend, play football for a living, and pretty much being able to do anything you want, when you want, is not enough. I mean, yeah, I think it is a great idea to carry a Sharpie in your sock, so that when you score a touchdown, you can sign the football in the endzone. I think it is a great idea to talk smack about your teammates, after every game. I think it is a great idea to hold “press conferences” to “apologize” to your teammates after your coach, who you talk smack to and about, tells you that you need to, rather than telling them face-to-face in the locker room.

It was a little comforting to see that under terms of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, a player can be suspended for a maximum of four games for conduct detrimental to his team. Translation, they can make him sit and not get paid for up to four weeks. I hope the Eagles don’t play him for the rest of the season and that nobody picks his big mouth up. What the NFL should do is make an example of people like him. There should be a rule that if you get suspended by your team for conduct, you are banned for life from the NFL. Yeah, the NFL would lose one of the most talented wide receivers ever to play the game, but the kids of the world and the fans of the game will ALL be happier and better off.

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One thought on “Terrell Owens – What a Joke

  1. I’m with you brother. I’m so glad the Eagles organization stood up and told TO to take a hike. Hopefully, he’ll end up on the blackball list a la Lawrence Phillips.

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