WordPress Page Limit?

Well, I am running out of options here. We have installed a version of MU WordPress on our music blog website and are really stoked on how well this solution works. We have made a few MU plugins that will be released to the public when we get some documentation put together. But, there is something that we ran into a few days ago that is really bumming me out.  And, it is really tough trying to get some help with or an answer to.  Is there some kind of limit on the number of pages WordPress or WordPress MU will support?

The Scenario

Ok, so here is the scenario. We are trying to build a music review community.  So, the idea is to create pages for artists on the main (www) blog.  We looked at the post db table and figured out what we needed to do to create “static” WordPress pages. The issue is that when we imported 1,300 or so artist “pages” into the posts table, WordPress would not display the pages. We put proper slugs in there and everything, and the dash would just kick us back to where we were before if we tried to manage the pages.  So, we removed them all and put in 50…no problemo.  This is perplexing as I seriously doubt that WP cannot handle 1,300 posts/pages.  So, I must be missing something here. Hopefully, someone who can help will see this and let me know.

What We Have Done

We have posted on both the WPMU and regular WordPress forums.  Any help is appreciated.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Page Limit?

  1. Rodney says:

    It’s probably a problem with the file you are exporting. I just uploaded 1800 static pages- they work great. There were a few minor problems with the CSV file which led me to believe I was sending too much. However, a few adjustments later I realized the problem was on my end.
    1- create a few pages manually
    2- check them out in your mysql
    3- export that table to csv
    4- open it up in a program like excel
    5- Copy all values from the pages you added manually and then just substitute the postname, content, date, and so on.

    Also, all postnames and slugs are case sensitive. It will return a 404 error if you have capital letters unless you’ve NC’d your mod_rewrite (or have redirected everything to lowercase). If you’re not using permalinks, ignore this part.

    Shit, this post is 3 years old. Better late than never.

  2. doups3 says:

    Okay, so I’m having a similar problem at my web page http://www.blossombabyclothes.com/. The difference being that after I enter a certain amount of information on one page, the page shows up blank. I delete a few lines and the page shows up again. I add a few lines and the page goes blank again. It is perplexing.

    If you have any information that may be helpful please contact me at blossombabyclothes(at)gmail(dot)com.

  3. Tomaž Zupan says:

    Hi doups3!
    I have the same problem and i don’t know how to fix it. Have an idea? Thanks! My mail info at planika dot net

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