J.J. Reddick – Please Stop Flopping

Ok, I was not a Duke Bluedevil fan, but since my fiance is a Dukie and a fan, I have rooted for them for the past couple of years.  No matter if you love them or hate them (most likely), they are an exciting team to watch.  One of the most exciting is J.J. Reddick, who…oh my. I am sitting here watching the end of the Duke Virginia Tech game, and Sean Dockery just hit a half court shot, with 1.6 seconds on the clock to win the game. Unreal.  Anyway, aside from Sean Dockery throwing in half-court bombs, J.J. Reddick is arguably one of the best collegiate shooters of all time.  I have noticed however that he likes to use the flop every now and again and there was a play in the beginning of this game where J.J. Reddick ran into someone, barely touching chests, when he violently flew back in the direction that he came from.  It was very Vlade’esque. The thing is, J.J. does not need to flop. The guy can shoot the lights out and single handedly put an opposing team out of commission.  So, J.J., give up the flop.

3 thoughts on “J.J. Reddick – Please Stop Flopping

  1. Adrian Brown says:

    j.j. Reddick all i have to say is keep up the good work and keep going no matter what happens.

  2. Clint Tognotti says:

    Duke sucks. Everybody forgot it is the other north carolina team that is the national champions, not Duke. I know what your thinking though, Duke will win it this year though. Wrong. Every year somebody says they will be cutting down the nets, but someone always beats them. They are a good team, but when they aren’t very good at dancing in march recently.I do like JJ though, he is one of the recently great white players. We haven’t seen that in a while.

    Go Tar Heels

  3. Bryan Grimes says:

    Obvious Carolina fan…guess you think UConn is gonna win it…Duke sucks…lol

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