Performancing Firefox Extension – Technorati Tags for Blogs

Alrighty, I was making my RSS rounds this morning and came across a cool FireFox blogging extension at I recently added them to my RSS list and I am glad I did. Most of us have tried out Flock, and most of us think it is a POS. The idea behind it is great, but for those of us who post to more than one blog, that thing is more headache than help. So, one of the things that caught my eye about the Performancing plugin, was that it will insert Technorati tags into any post (on any blogging platform they support). This was something I blogged about earlier, when I first signed up for my blog. So, if you are a user and you want to be able to post technorati tags to your blog posts easily, then you will want to fire up this extension. Good job guys.

Technorati Tags: , ,

One thought on “Performancing Firefox Extension – Technorati Tags for Blogs

  1. dria says:

    The latest developer version of the SpellBound extension gives you integrated spellchecking-as-you-type with Performancing as well. Very cool (it is a dev version tho, not a final release, so caveat emptor):

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