People Are Crazy

Seems to me that people are really worked up these days. I just got off the phone with my friends at Cingular and they have no record of the 20 minute conversation with a nice fellow over there last week. So, I had to start at ground zero again.  Of course, asking her to make a note in my account of our conversation was about as easy as pulling teeth from an elephant.  Probably due to the fact that she liked to talk more than listen. Then I was browsing around over at and noticed that they have a pretty cool new feature where you can leave comments on any piece of news you find on their site. Pretty cool idea. But, the problem is that there are some really hostile people out there…dare I say fanatical. The recent news about VP Cheney shooting one of his buddies is of course, stirring up a lot of action on and off line.  But, it got me to thinking about the current state of affairs around here.  People are just plain angry. I tell you what, I liked it better when we had moderates with fiscal responsibility in office. I am talking about “Democrats” and “Republicans” who all knew right from wrong, overspending from insanity and had some decency.  The team out east these days seem more like they simply want to piss everyone off and start some kind of civil war in this country. Did I miss something? What the hell happened?

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